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Bubble Massive

Our ‘Bubble Massive’ workshops are great fun for all ages and abilities.

Free for everone to come along and have a go at creating their very own magical giant bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

These bubble workshops create an incredible visual attraction for your visitors,

allowing families to not only make bubbles but pop them too, which is just as much fun!


Our professional friendly staff, DBS Cleared and fully insured, provide supportive guidance to all who enter the workshop, giving the opportunity to have a fun and uplifting experience while feeling great self achievement!


Although our staff are great helpers, smaller children will require assistance

which also gives parents the chance to have a go as well!


We are highly flexible to provide the best entertainment possible for the space available.

From as small as just a few meters, however we recommend approx. 6x6m as best size area for this activity.

This area is perfect for all occasions and events with colourful and highly eye catching Banners and Bunting, not forgetting the amazing sight of bubbles floating up from the area.


Mobile Bubble Workshops are also available where our staff will move around the event with

our magical bubble trolly, attracting many more of your visitors to have a go.

Great for events with a little less available space!


For more information and a free quote, please just click Here to get in touch!

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which work brilliantly alongside our Wacky Racers! :)

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